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Bayside Built Environment Awards 2014 High Commendation: Megabus Offices

We are proud to announce that the Megabus Office Building has been awarded a High Commendation in the Bayside Built Environment awards for 2014.

The design of the sleek metallic and glass surface of the building was inspired by the silvery blue skin of a deep-sea marlin, references the branding imagery of the company’s principal software product , Marlin Software. Set back from the street, and screened by a two large, existing trees, the street facing façade forms an impressive triple height entrance atrium which acts as an environmental screen, capturing the sun in winter and insulating the offices in summer. The space contains an open steel and timber staircase which has been cantilevered off the floor slabs. The U shaped plan of the building has been arranged with all the solid spaces such as lift and stair cores, service rooms and staff kitchens, hard up against the adjacent concrete wall on the eastern boundary, allowing three glazed facades to have unobstructed outlooks. Along the western face of the building, open terraces have been carved into the envelope of the building, allowing light and ventilation to reach into the inner areas of the open plan office floors , as well as creating central outdoor areas for relaxation at each level. Environmentally, the external envelope performs extremely well as it uses a similar construction system to refrigerated cold rooms, metal clad urethane foam composite wall panels. Windows are glazed with high performance glass and are strategically placed to respond to the various orientations.

The latest images can be found here

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