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Principal (Perth Studio)

Alistair Hume



Alistair Hume is a qualified architect and in charge of the Perth office of MMA. Alistair has over 15 years experience as a principal architect with a broad range of experience having worked closely with major residential and commercial developers and contractors.


Alistair is highly regarded as for his ability to get projects off the ground and to see them through to a successful completion on time and within budget.

Alistair is currently project architect for a $40m  apartment  project.


Senior Health Facility Planner (Perth Studio)
Kathleen Hume
B.Arch(KNZ) Pr.Arch(SA)

Kathleen has focussed on healthcare projects and has over 16 years experience in health care design and has worked on a variety of public and private health care projects.


Projects include Fiona Stanley 600-bed tertiary hospital WA, IALCH an 860 bed tertiary hospital in KZN, New 140 bed State Rehab Centre WA, smaller specialist hospitals and day procedure units, community health centres and small clinics, as well as numerous alterations and additions to various private hospitals.

She has followed projects through from needs assessment through all stages to commissioning. She is acutely aware of the evidence of good design on patient wellbeing and recovery and keeps abreast of the latest trends.




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