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Monarch Tower

project type: High Rise Residential

location: Southbank, Melbourne, Australia

​area: 39,000 sqm.

​client: Altus Development

status: Planning

258 City Road

Project Description


The new architectural treatment ,  reinforces the tall, slender nature of the approved development envelope with an emphasis on vertical forms.


The proportions of the tower have been treated In the classic sky-scraper tradition of a base, middle tower, and expressed top.


The podium utilises a grid framework to set up  visually scaleable  proportions that relate to the streetscape as well as the pattern overlaid on the tower facade. 


The podium is veneered with apartments on both frontages to reinforce a sense of human interaction with the public realm.

The building is a mix of serviced apartments up to level 18, with private apartments above, served with independent foyer

and lifts.


There is a pool deck with gym, cinema, health spa and outdoor BBQ entertainment terrace.

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