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Mizu Townhouses

project type: Townhouses

location: Beaumaris, Melbourne, Australia

​area: 1,600 sqm.

​client: Rees Developments

status: Complete 2013

Project Description


The MIzu project consists of 3 townhouses located just off Melbourne's beach road in the bayside suburb of Beaumaris.  The aesthic approach has been influenced by its Bayside position and exclusive suburban location.


The design is minimal in both form and material, a simple, functional architectural program of generous spaces and multiple zones across 3 levels of living.


Water Views are the focal point of the first floor living/kitchen/dining areas, Panoramic bay views are achieved from the roof top terraces to each townhouse.


A simple facade featuring floor to ceiling glazing framed by white oversized eaves and protected by a slatted screen.

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