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life.lab live/work Apartments

project type: Apartments/Offices

location: Docklands, Melbourne, Australia

​area: 11,700 sqm.

​client: Digital Harbour

status: Complete 2008

Project Description


Life.Lab is an ongoing experiment in developing a model for buildings that are truly mixed in their usage and have a strong sense of community. The architecture is vibrant and is intended to project optimism and innovation.


The idea of the SoHo units is derived from the trend of converting lofts into live/work studios. In order to achieve a high degree of adaptability, the building has been designed on a 40m2 module with a regular system of vertical service stacks.


Communal facilities such as a large meeting room with A.V
equipment, tea kitchens, and toilets are located around the space created by the two atriums.

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