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Cockburn Central

project type: Apartments

location: Cockburn Central, Perth, Australia

​area: 20,000 sqm.

​client: Department of Housing

status: Complete 2012

Project Description


We believe that this is a unique opportunity to create an example of urban design that will be a model for the future development of Cockburn Town centre in terms of quality of place, architecture and sustainability and will provide the basis for the growth of a healthy community.


​​Underpinning our proposal is a belief in the importance of vibrant, and accessible series of public spaces, including safe and interesting street scapes.

Our view is that urban design , the most public of art forms, provides the canvass for thecreation of meaningful architecture. As is illustrated in the following diagrams and plans, Living Space is more than just a mixed use project, it will be a vital urban place.

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