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Bay Corner Offices

project type: Offices

location: Brighton, Melbourne, Australia

​area: 4,600 sqm.

​client: The Orloff Group

status: Completed 2008

Project Description


Our primary goal was to design a mixed-use building of quality, that would stimulate the re-vitalisation of a traditional, suburban high street.

We would like to see this project as a model for future development in terms of the way it deals with issues such as urban scale, use of contemporary design language, mix of uses, and integrated sustainability design.


Bay Street Brighton has until recently been a suburban high street characterised by a mix of two storey Victorian buildings, and 80s style office buildings.Bay Street has been identified as an activity centre in the Bayside structure plan, which is now leading to the re-development and densification of use on a number of sites.


We regard this building potentially as a catalytic project that will help promote and renew Bay Street into a more active and vibrant public precinct, with cafes, healthy work places and shopping opportunities.

We believe that the development of vibrant urban villages will reduce the dependence on vehicular transport into the city and therefore is of fundamental importance in reducing societies carbon footprint.


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