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Bay Apartments

project type: Apartments

location: Sandringham, Melbourne, Australia

​area: 1,800 sqm.


status: Planning

Project Design Response



Substantial side and rear setbacks are provided. The development is set back from two large existing trees on Sydenham St. The third level is set back to reduce the overall mass of the development.



Large trees on Sydenham street have determined the set back of the apartments from the street.



Off-white brick is used as an external cladding to the lower two levels of the apartments. Bricks are used extensively in Sandringham and are residential in nature. Cut-outs to the mass of the building (balconies, terraces) are lined internally with blonde timber cladding. Dark cement sheet cladding is used on level 3 to create contrast with the lower two levels and differentiate the building mass. Darker charcoal coloured bricks are used as an external cladding. Dark metal framing is used to frame articulated projecting parts of the building.


Articulation and Compositional Rhythm

A two storey articulation module is used and is repeated through the design. A communal access is articulated by the expression of the 3 storey circulation core.


Building Envelope

The building envelope sets back from adjoining properties, and is stepped to provide direct light access to apartments and break up the mass of the three levels.


Private Open Space

Ample open space is provided in the form of courtyards, gardens, balconies and roof terraces. Open space is separated by 2m timber fencing. All open space has access to direct natural light. All living space in the development is orientated towards open space.



Overlooking to adjacent lots is mitigated with opaque glass and metal louvre screens to 1700mm above floor level.



All apartments and townhouses are cross-ventilated with the provision of a naturally ventilated access corridor. All habitable rooms have access to natural ventilation.


Street interface

Brick walls with timber screens and planters form the boundary interface of the proposed development. A deep soil zone has been maintained at the development edge allow for extensive planting and the creation of a “green edge”. Balconies are orientated toward the street to provide surveillance and interface. External paving is permeable.

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